Friday, January 23, 2009


So, during the Thanksgiving holiday while Carl and I were visiting with Kevin and Brittany in Georgia, they were sweet enough to hook me up with a blog. Then I came back home and quite honestly everything is a blur from then until now. Where did the time go? There was so much to do in preparation for Christmas both at home and the church, that I didn't even look at the blog they created for me again until today. Of course, from December 23rd until January 9th we were blessed to be with our 3 grandchildren (12 of those days all to ourselves.) When we got back home from Lake City, Florida where we "passed the torch" (the children) back to Kelly and Travis, we had Christmas decorations to pack away. For those who don't know what that entails at OUR house, it is quite frankly an all-day ordeal. Even with Carl's help, it still took me 10 hours from start to finish. Of course, that included cleaning the entire house as well.

You might ask yourself, "Why does SHE need a blog? What could possibly be of interest in Robert, Louisiana?" Well, probably not much is happening here, but as a woman I have all these WORDS to say and only one man (poor guy) in our household to listen to all of them. As a typical male, he can turn his "listening" button off at any given moment, which leaves me wondering WHO will listen to all that I have to say now?

Thus, a blog! I'm looking forward to sharing even if nobody out there is really paying attention. At my age, I can IMAGINE that someone is interested in what I have to share.

So "thanks" Kevin and Brittany for this new outlet!!!

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