Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Am Blessed

One of the greatest and most rewarding experiences of my life has been that of a mother. God blessed us with two wonderful children, who continue to bring unending joy to our lives. While they were growing up, I never dreamed in a million years that we would all move away from Ohio and eventually end up being in three different states. I'm certainly not second-guessing God's plan for our lives or for theirs, but I can say that there are times when it is difficult to be so far away from our immediate family members.

Kelly and Travis have faced a major challenge in their lives in the past couple of weeks. (Read their story at, which will explain what I mean.) I cannot even begin to imagine what they are feeling, but I can say that I am very proud of their fortitude and courage to work through this process and make some very tough decisions.

It is at times like these that you realize how important your faith and trust in God really is, and how being able to pray about the situation makes all the difference in the world. Then there's the Word of God, which speaks peace and hope into our hearts when we feel confused and troubled. Psalm 91 is one of my favorite portions of scripture, and it has been the word of encouragment that I have needed over the past few days.

So even though we're 903 miles away from our daugther and her family, God is right there leading, guiding, protecting, comforting and being the awesome God that He is.

Where would we be without the grace and mercy of our Heavenly Father?

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